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France and Ireland (1920)

France and Ireland (1921)

This “France and Ireland” series was originally published in Young Ireland, which was run by the Young Ireland Newspaper Company, which existed from 1917 until January 1923. It was written or compiled by members of a would-be Irish consulate in Paris that were seeking to advertise Ireland’s desire for independence. Reflections on its contents and authorship can be read here: Paper Walls and Paper Wars. The series includes some text of interviews given to French journalists by Irish figures, including Eamon DeValera and Arthur Griffith, as well as reports of sympathy for Ireland from some French politicians, the most notable being Marc Sangnier. It also quotes, in English translation, from various French journalists, one of whom (to those familiar with the contents of the Art O Briain or Lloyd George papers) was known to also keep the British Foreign Office informed of what he was doing (!) but he was a completely harmless individual. This was M. Bourgeois.

A note on the quality of the text images

As a general rule, the material in this collection is not suitable material for modern OCR text-extraction techniques. To date, hardcopies of this defunct journal have not been digitally scanned. The images in this series are digital scans of a microfilm. Their quality is therefore not ideal. They are on a small scale and must be clicked in order to view them at a larger, more readable, size. The quality of the original microfilm image also varied considerably. In some instances, readability is very poor but on the whole the series is quite legible. The original articles were usually printed in two or more columns on a single or double page. The digital scans of the microfilmed pages have been cropped to feature just the articles in question, although in some instances text from an adjacent article may be visible.