Mulling It Over

An Israeli historian of Ireland once said to me that he believed no historian should draw a conclusion until all his/her research was complete. Pre-empting conclusions is a no, no. There’s sense in that. Then again, if one has perhaps ridiculously set oneself the task of conceptualising everything from Brian Boru to the EU in a single-authored and single-themed work, some kind of roadmap, preferably not to the stars, may be in order. So here’s a mental note to myself made public: sweet talking hippie, ride on…

Chapter 1: Ireland’s place in world history: from the Fianna to the First World War

Chapter 2: A republican moment: Ireland’s independence struggle in a global context 1919-1922

Chapter 3: Financial quagmires and legal limits: Irish Free State diplomacy 1922-1938

Chapter 4: A spirit of non-alignment: Ireland in and out of the British Commonwealth 1938-1955

Chapter 5: Introducing Ireland to the United Nations and the European community, 1955-1968

Chapter 6: Small worlds: globalisation, the northern question and Irish crisis diplomacy, 1968-1982

Chapter 7: Ireland and the reinvention of the European political order, 1982-1994

Chapter 8: Beyond hegemonies: Ireland in the EU and on the world stage since 1994

Conclusion: The evolution of Irish international relations, past and present

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